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The planned outage at Vales Point Power Station is near completion and the unit will be returned to service within the next 48 hours.

National Pollutant Inventory

The National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) aims to provide the community, industry and government with information on the types and amounts of substances being emitted into the environment.

Industrial facilities are required to report emissions to the NPI if they

  • Use or emit more than a certain amount of one or more substances on the NPI reporting list.
  • Consume more than a specified amount of fuel or electric power.
  • Discharge more than a certain amount of nitrogen or phosphorus to water.

Where direct measurements of emissions are not available, emissions are estimated using agreed techniques.  This means that all data should be considered as indicative rather than absolute.


Delta Electricity's NPI Emission Reports

Detailed annual reports for Delta's power station emissions are available on the NPI website.   Note that because the default emission factors are generally related to the amount of particulate matter emitted, power stations operating with fabric filter dust removal equipment report lower emissions than those with precipitators.

To view all Delta Electricity emission reports, got to the NPI website, select to browse latest data by Company and enter Delta Electricity.