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Delta Electricity is reducing greenhouse emissions at Vales Point by up to 20,000 tonnes each year by co-firing quantities of renewable biomass fuels with coal.

Currently, the biomass fuel includes saw mill residues, a by-product of forestry operations, and construction and demolition waste such as timber pallets.

The environmental benefits of co-firing wood waste include the prevention of the material breaking down to produce methane, another greenhouse gas, in landfill sites.  It provides a market for low value wood waste and the cash flow to recycling businesses encourages the sorting and recovering of wood and timber waste for reuse.

Delta has collaborated with a local research partner, The Crucible Group, to investigate an alternative biomass pre-treatment process.  The process creates char from biomass, with higher energy density and fewer material handling issues. When proven, The Crucible Group technology will allow Delta to co-fire an increased amount of biomass, as well as reduce wood waste going to landfill.

Over the last two years Delta’s innovative biomass co-firing program has delivered an increase in the use of biomass, with a reduction in carbon intensity at Vales Point at minimal cost.

NSW Government’s 2014 Green Globe Awards

The biomass co-firing program has received industry recognition. The program was highly commended at the NSW Government’s 2014 Green Globe Awards and was one of 10 projects recognised at the inaugural Energy Productivity in Action event organised by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to acknowledge NSW businesses making significant energy productivity achievements. Watch this video to learn more.


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