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NOx Emissions are Closely Regulated

In accordance with existing regulations, Delta monitors NOx emissions on a continuous basis and publishes NOx emission data every month, as well as reporting additional detail in its annual return report to the NSW EPA.  Monthly report information can be found at here.

Delta’s Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) was renewed by the EPA in July 2020 after considerable input from the community and other groups. Notably, limits for emissions such as of NOx have already been tightened as part of this renewal process with the introduction of a 99% limit of 1,100 mg/m3. This caters for the very short duration spikes in NOx emissions that occur infrequently due to changes in combustion conditions and which are immediately responded to by the automated plant controls.

Delta continues to comply with these reduced limits and further work will be undertaken in upcoming maintenance outages to replace burner tips which will result in even greater reductions in NOx emissions. 

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