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Delta Electricity’s retailer authorisations enable us to supply electricity to large business customers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.   

Delta Electricity is not licenced to offer electricity market retail contracts to small businesses or residential (household) customers.

The document below outlines Delta Electricity’s standard retail contract terms and conditions for small customers who may consume electricity at premises supplied by Delta Electricity under deemed customer retail arrangements

If you are a business customer with large annual electricity requirements, please contact Delta Electricity’s specialist energy team about the competitive electricity market contracts available to you.

Default Offer Prices for Large Customers

Standard Retail Contract Terms and Conditions

Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Procedure

Greenhouse Gas Guidelines No. 13


Customers consuming energy without appropriate arrangements in place

If any person consumes electricity at premises for which we are financially responsible without there being an appropriate arrangement in place with us for the payment of charges for the electricity, then, unless under applicable law a deemed customer retail arrangement or other deemed contract applies, we will charge that person as follows, as we consider we would have done had such an appropriate arrangement been in place:

1.       For each relevant trading interval, we will charge an amount being the product of: (a) the default offer price for the applicable region in which the premises are located; (b) the product of any relevant distribution loss factor and intra-regional loss factor applicable to the premises; and (c) the amount of electricity supplied to the premises.

2.       Separately, we will also charge amounts to cover the related costs we incur in connection with the electricity supplied to the premises, or our best forward estimate of those costs, including, without limitation, amounts covering network charges and metering charges, as well as charges or costs arising under or in connection with any Commonwealth or State renewable energy scheme, energy efficiency scheme, carbon tax or clean energy, emissions trading or carbon pollution reduction scheme.

Terms appearing like this in the preceding statement have the same meaning as in the National Electricity Rules.

For all enquiries about Delta Electricity’s retail operations and market contracts, contact our specialist energy team on (02) 4352 6468 or