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Working with Us

As a Delta employee you will have access to a range of financial and personal/lifestyle benefits. The Delta Electricity Employees Enterprise Agreement provides a framework for excellent work conditions and a Business Success Payment Scheme rewards the efforts all employees make to Delta's annual business performance.

Many Delta Electricity employees enjoy the following benefits:

- uniforms and personal protective equipment
- competitive remuneration
- flexible hours
- employee assistance program

- educational/study assistance (including financial support and study time)
- ongoing professional development
- fitness reimbursement scheme
- novated lease motor vehicles

Professional Development

We encourage and support employees to continue their professional development offering relevant training through our annual Performance Feedback and Review, providing study assistance for approved courses, running training programs and providing online training modules and secondment opportunities. 

Many career opportunities are available across a wide range of trades and disciplines. Whether you want to work in trade, operating, engineering, finance, IT, marketing, administration or Human Resources, Delta can offer you an interesting, secure and rewarding career.

Whistleblower Protection Standard 

Delta Electricity is committed to the highest standards of corporate compliance, good governance and ethical behaviour and promotes a culture to align with these principles. Delta Electricity encourages the reporting of any instances of suspected unethical, illegal, fraudulent or improper conduct involving Delta and provides protections and measures for persons to make such reports.


Delta’s Whistleblower Protection Standard outlines the process for handling reports of improper conduct and the protections available to persons who make an eligible disclosure.