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Bushfire Regeneration Project

As part of the Vales Point Ash Dam Pond 4 Capping and Rehabilitation Program, Delta has commenced works to remediate the area damaged by severe bushfires in 2013 adjacent to the Pacific Highway. Ponding of stormwater in this area has also prevented vegetation regrowth and Delta has prioritised rehabilitation of this area to improve the visual amenity of the site.

Works completed to date include:

  1. Stage 1 – Drainage improvement works and construction of berm wall. This work included planting of 170 native vegetation tube stock along the top of the wall.

  2. Stage 2 - Planting of 35 mature native trees sourced from a local nursery at Munmorah.

  3. Stage 3 – Planting of a mixed native grass and shrub understorey with 1200 tube stock and 100 larger tree plants.

Delta continues to monitor the rehabilitation area, performing care and maintenance activities such as watering, mulching and weed control.