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The following summary indicates the general nature of the Works for which The Principal desires Tenders to be submitted and is issued to enable Contractors to make an assessment whether the Specification documents should be obtained from The Principal for the purpose of submitting a tender response. It does not form part of the Specification and should not be included as part of the Tenderer's offer.


The Unit Plant Maintenance Contract at Vales Point Power Station covers minor and major work on VP5 and VP6 boilers and turbines as well as station plant. The work provided under the contract includes the provision of effective planning well in advance of outage periods and the provision a large work force and equipment to drive high quality and efficient outcomes for the power station during planned outage periods.

To enhance continuity of the contractor’s presence at the Vales Point site, additional portions of work have also been included in this contract including: general provision of labour; delivery of minor packages of work; and management and delivery of emergency repair outages.
A fundamental principle of this Contract is to be open-book and collaborative with full and complete disclosure of both the Principals and Contractors technical and commercial parameters underpinned by confidentiality and trust. To facilitate this fundamental principal, teams shall be co-located in either the assets, maintenance or contractor’s office and workshop facilities.
The resources, managed by the Contractor, may include the Work under this Contract, Separate Contractors and the Principal’s employees as required. The Separate Contractor's Works may include but will not be limited to capital Works, labour hire, NDT, metallurgy, scaffolding, lagging, turbine, valve, pump and associated specialist providers from time to time.  The Contractor may veto the free issue of any Separate Contractor or the Principal’s employees if it reasonably considers that the Separate Contractor will not be capable of satisfying the requirements of the Contract.
The Principal will require the Contractor to undertake development work to assist the Principal in improving its systems for the Facility. Examples of the development work may include survey capture and reporting, plant design work and modularisation of maintenance tasks to underpin continued labour efficiency and quality outcomes from outage to outage.
Without limiting the requirements for the Works set out in these Particulars of Work, the Contractor must abide by and follow the Principal’s Site Rules and Procedures. The Contractor's Personnel must comply with the Principal’s Code of Conduct.

The Vales Point Power Station is located on the southern shore of Lake Macquarie, approximately 130 km north of Sydney, New South Wales, and approximately 3 km off the Pacific Highway North of Doyalson.


All Tenderers must attend a mandatory Pretender meeting to be conducted at 09:00 am on 23 January 2020 at Vales Point Power Station. Companies who do not attend the mandatory Pretender meeting will not be eligible to submit a Tender.

Visitors to the Site must provide and wear their own safety hats, safety footwear, protective safety eyewear (clear glasses), long sleeved shirts (hi-vis) and long trousers or combination overalls (hi-vis).

At this common 'On Site' meeting, all Tenderers shall be taken on an inspection of the Site in order for them to make themselves familiar with the conditions thereon and the rules and procedures applying to the Site.

It is expected that all companies have downloaded and reviewed all documents pertaining to the works prior to the site inspection.

Proof of identity will be required prior to entry.

The commercial conditions will be in accordance with the Conditions of Quoting and Conditions of Order. These documents can be found under the Delta Electricity Website.

Accredited Representatives of the firms proposing to submit a Tender wishing to attend the pre-tender site meeting will contact The Principal representative named below via email providing the name, company, position and mobile phone number of each accredited representative at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. A maximum of three people per company is allowed to attend.

Scott Montroy
Asset Management Specialist
Vales Point Power Station
Vales Road
Mannering Park NSW 2259
Phone: (02) 4352 621
Mobile: 0488 497 596


Quotations will close at 1.00pm on Friday the 28 February 2020 at Vales Point Power Station.

For technical enquiries please contact the above office.
General telephone enquiries may be made on (61) 2 4352 6383.
Tender documents can be obtained from OR