Functions and Objectives

Delta Electricity's mission is to generate electricity safely, reliably and competitively while respecting our workmates, customers, community and the environment.


Delta Electricity's principal functions are to:
 establish, maintain and operate facilities for the generation of electricity and other forms of energy; and
 supply electricity and other forms of energy.


In carrying out these principal functions, Delta Electricity is guided by the following objectives:

1. to operate efficient, safe and reliable facilities for the generation of electricity at a competitive cost;
2. to be a successful participant in the wholesale market for electricity;
3. to contribute to the development of low carbon emission electricity;
4. to promote the use of sustainable energy practices;
5. to protect the environment by conducting our operations in compliance with NSW environment laws;
6. to contribute to regional development and decentralisation in the way in which we operate; and
7. to improve the skills and work practices of our people to promote and enhance safety, productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction.