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The following indicates the general nature of the Works for which Delta Electricity desires Expressions of Interest (EOI) to be submitted and is issued to enable tenderers to make an assessment as to whether EOI documents should be obtained for the purpose of deciding whether a formal EOI is to be submitted.


The objective of this EOI is to establish a list of selected tenderers. Delta Electricity is seeking invitee’s response to the Invitation for the management of the bottom ash harvesting area and/or removal of bottom ash from site by either selling or using off site.


Delta will provide the selected tenderers with a detailed work scope which includes the following:

Option 1 - Plant Maintenance
a) Maintain the pipe leading from the bottom ash recovery pond to the intermediate pit and pumping station to ensure that ash always flows freely;
b) Maintain the bottom ash recovery pond bypass diverter gate arrangement and bypass culvert to ensure they are operational, and slurry flows freely and does not overboard the culvert at all times;
c) Make best endeavours to remove all bottom ash from the recovery pond (or the recovery pond inlet pipe) to minimise carryover to the intermediate pumping station (IPS) pit (this may require 7 day per week excavating activities or installation of continuous filtering plant); and
d) Manage and control all aspects of the ash stockpile including, but not limited to:
(i) drainage and all other outflows and inflows;
(ii) screening of material to create different material sizes;
(iii) fencing and barricading;
(iv) foliage;
(v) water supply from the water tap point on the northern end of the stockpile; (note: maintain all pipework leading from this point)
(vi) safety requirements;
(vii) environmental requirements; and
(viii) any waste (and subsequent removal).
e) maintain the stockpile in a condition which minimises or prevents the emission of dust from the premises;
f) perform all works on the site in a manner which minimises the emission of dust from the site;
g) ensure trucks which are either empty or carrying loads have their loads always covered, except during inspections, loading and unloading;
h) ensure that airborne dust is contained at the site so that conditions are compliant with all environmental management plans and EPA requirements. This includes access routes within the Ash Dam used by transporter delivery vehicles; and
i) manage airborne dust caused by the soil delivery and placement process. Provide and maintain a water truck for this purpose with water supplied by Delta from a non-potable source.

Notes: Maximum stockpile 10,000 tonnes (this limit can be altered by Delta from time to time by written notice);
Maximum height of 3m or more at any single point (from a nominated ground level);
Option 2 - Bottom Ash Offtake
a) Take all ash on the stockpile as agreed with Delta.
b) Measurement of volumes of ash must be via the Delta certified weighbridge and reported using electronic reporting approved by Delta.
c) Notify Delta at least 24 hours in advance of the intention to transfer ash from the stockpile which must not proceed until approval is obtained from Delta.
d) Facilitate the offtake of ash from the stockpile in accordance with a schedule agreed with Delta, and ensure that the arrival, loading and departure of all vehicles adheres to the schedule.
e) Cooperate with other site contractors and Delta to ensure that no more than ten (10) trucks total enter or exit the site per hour. May not be given preference over other contractors in terms of truck movements depending on other site requirements.
f) Trucks can only enter and exit between the hours of 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


EOIs will close at 1.00pm on Friday the 21 May 2021.


For enquiries please contact Michael Decourcey

Phone: (02) 4352 6052
Mobile: 0412166686

Expressions of Interest documents may be obtained from < or www.tenderlink/ from Thursday the 22 April 2021