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Quotation No TitleCategoryAvailableClosingStatus
C1196/19 C1196/19 Routine Inspection and Maintenance of Lifting Equipment at Vales Point Power StationSite Services06 Nov 201906 Dec 2019 Open
C1186/19 C1186/19 - Repair Mill Stage Structural Steel at Vales Point Power StationBoilers04 Nov 201929 Nov 2019 Open
C1179/19 C1179/19 Design, Supply, Install and Removal of Main Furnace ScaffoldMiscellaneous03 Oct 201905 Nov 2019 Evaluation / Negotiation
C1168/19 C1168/19 PF Burner Nozzles and Tips for Vales Point Power StationBoilers10 Sep 201915 Oct 2019 Evaluation / Negotiation
C1164/19 C1164/19 Seagrass MonitoringEnvironmental29 Aug 201901 Oct 2019 Evaluation / Negotiation
C1161/19 C1161/19 Employee Assistance Program for Delta Electricity 05 Jul 201930 Jul 2019 Evaluation / Negotiation
C1113/19 C1113/19 Stack Gas Testing at Vales Point Power StationEnvironmental15 Mar 201930 Apr 2019 Evaluation / Negotiation
C1135/19 C1135/19 Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Maintenance at Vales Point Power StationTurbines25 Feb 201919 Mar 2019 Evaluation / Negotiation
C1131/18 C1131/18 Warehouse Office V1 Build and Fit Out at Vales Point Power StationCivil Works12 Dec 201829 Jan 2019 Evaluation / Negotiation
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